What is a Karat?

Karat is the term used to measure the gold content or purity. Before we understand the difference between 24k, 22k and 18k gold, you must know what karat stands for. Karat is basically a unit used to measure the purity of gold. The higher the karatage, the purer the gold. Here’s a simple guide to understanding the difference between 24k, 22k and 18k gold.


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18K gold is 75 per cent gold mixed with 25 per cent of other metals like copper or silver etc. It means that this gold has 18 pure areas in it. A number of people like to buy this type of gold because it is less in price and suits to a number of people. Usually studded jewellery and other diamond jewellery is made in 18K gold. This kind of gold is less expensive compared to 24K and 22K. This one has a slightly dull gold colour. Recognizing 18K jewellery is rather simple – you will see the item stamped with 18K, 18Kt, 18k or a variation similar to these. At times, 18K gold is marked by 750, 0.75 or a stamp similar to these in order to symbolise that the jewellery contains 75 per cent gold.


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22k gold is 91.67 per cent is pure gold. It means that this gold has 22 areas in it which are genuine without mixing of any kind of material in it. It contains some other elements in it. These elements are gold, dime and zinc oxide. These of the elements are added in the gold to make it harder and help to make the jewelry durable. This type of gold is not preferable for making of gemstones and studded jewelry.


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24K gold:

24k gold is also known as pure gold or 100 per cent gold. It means that the gold has 24 areas in it which are genuine without mixing of any kind of material in it. It is known to be most pure and unique. It has bright yellow color and purest type of gold. This type of gold has less density as compared to the other types of gold. It is very soft and flexible. Due to this flexibility, it is very easy to use it in coins and bars. It is one of the purest type of gold available in the market.

Buyer’s Tip

  • 24 karat = 100% gold or pure gold
  • 22 karat = 91.7 % gold
  • 18 karat = 75.0 % gold
  • 14 karat = 58.3 % gold
  • 12 karat = 50.0 % gold
  • 10 karat = 41.7 % gold
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